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Consumer Benefits

Home Buyers

Are you considering buying a home? You need to make sure the person selling the home is actually the real owner of that home and that there are no outstanding issues that could hinder the title from carrying over to you.

Why is this important? If there are issues that pop up with the title it could restrict or negate your use of the property and possibly lead to financial loss. At Land Title of Citrus County we can help you. We perform a comprehensive title search that will protect your investment with a title insurance policy and allow you to sleep better knowing that your home ownership is free and clear of any problems.

The one-time payment fee is small. There are no recurring premiums to pay, and the policy does not expire. The protection lasts as long as you, or your heirs, maintain ownership of the property.

Home Sellers

Are you considering selling your home? Land Title of Citrus County will work with you to eliminate any liens and prepare all needed closing documents to make the selling of your home as smooth as possible for both you and the buyer. We provide competitive rates, and outstanding customer service.

Land Title of Citrus County offer benefits to both Buyer and Seller:

  • We offer one single point of contact
  • Every transaction is covered by the full service we offer.
  • We offer timely and accurate title commitments.
  • Our availability and communication is excellent.
  • We offer a professional and experienced staff
  • Drop off or upload contracts digitally.
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