Land Title of Citrus County, Inc. Land Title of Citrus County, Inc.
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Land Title of Citrus County is proud to say that we have more experience than any other title agency in Citrus County to meet or exceed the compliance guidelines required by lenders. In fact, we have been doing just that, since 1978!

We are fully TRID compliant. What does that mean? TRID is the TILA / RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule.  Only in the mortgage world would we make an acronym out of acronyms... so let’s break this down a little further.  TILA is the Truth in Lending Act and RESPA is the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

What does it mean to you? It means that we protect a lender’s interest against any title defects by carefully reviewing your instructions and ensuring that all documents are executed in a timely fashion.

Land Title of Citrus County Lender Benefits:

  • We offer one single point of contact
  • Every transaction is covered by the full service we offer.
  • We offer timely and accurate title commitments.
  • Our availability and communication is excellent.
  • We offer a professional and experienced staff
  • Drop off or upload contracts digitally.

Land Title of Citrus County is underwritten by:

  • First American Title Insurance Company
  • Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
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