Land Title of Citrus County, Inc. Land Title of Citrus County, Inc.
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Did you know Land Title of Citrus County is the oldest Independently Owned Title Insurance Company in Citrus County? It was established by Skip and Judy Hudson in 1978.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Title Insurance protects you from events that may have happened in the past. Things like liens, tax debt and title challenges. Problems that may come up in the future that could be financially devastating. Title Insurance protects you against this possible financial lose.

What is Title Insurance?

It is importance that you are protected against any pre-existing title defects to the home or property you are purchasing at the time of purchase. To do this, you must be made aware of any rights or claims that may exist, and could pose a threat to your title and possession of the property in the future. Title Insurance offers you with this protection.

To determine if any pre-existing title defects exist, Land Title of Citrus County, Inc. will conduct a diligent search of the public records for any documentation associated with the property you are purchasing. We research those documents to determine if there are any rights or claims that may affect the title to that property. These issues may include liens, recorded defects, unpaid mortgages, unpaid taxes, easement disputes, and court judgements. If any of these issues are identified, they can be dealt with prior to the closing on the property.

There are also hidden risks that Title Insurance can protect you against. These hidden risks are claims that do not show up in the public records and will not be discovered during a title search. Issues like incompetency, forgery or impersonation may be undocumented at the time of your purchase, but could pop up later. Title Insurance from Land Title can protect you against most of these hidden risks by either defending your title, covering the cost to settle the matter, or paying you for your loss due to the covered issue.

Why Choose Land Title of Citrus County?

Land Title is a trusted company that has been a part of the local Citrus County community since 1978. Let us protect your assets from any possible claims against your property before and after you purchase it. One payment will be your only cost as long as you own the property. There are no annual premiums to pay each year to keep your Title Insurance Policy in full force.



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